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What? I like past you.

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The Literal Bear Hug


Suddenly, Cas was a bear. This was not supposed to happen.

Dean/Cas // 1,860 words (AO3)

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Stone by day, Warriors by night.

Sam had told Dean he was crazy when he spent the better part of his fortune preserving the stone angel from the old church that was being torn down, but the angel, so lifelike - and frankly hot - was too special to be rubble. So Dean saved him and had him transported to his house. He had to store him in the backyard though; the angel’s wingspan was too wide to fit inside the door.

Sam told Dean he thought the angel was creepy. Too lifelike. Too real. When Sam came over for barbecues, he spent half of his time side-eying him.

"I like him," Dean said with a shrug. "Kinda feels like he’s watching over me, you know?"

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make me choose: @anonymous Charlie or Garth

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The Punching Game

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So everyone is into this whole croatoan day thing and I’m just over here crying over this, because I am pretty sure that this was the moment Dean fell in love with Cas


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Basically I like horror and I’m interested in the horror genre. I began participating in the Silent Hill series as a sound designer originally, but I was also sharing my opinions on the project, about the game structure and creation, and this process brought me the opportunity to be a producer for the saga. Even as a sound designer, you have to know and understand everything about game production including the meaning and message of the game because every part of it requires sound. Regarding seeing and understanding the entire project, the roles of a producer and sound designer are quite similar. However, producer is a tough position because he/she also needs to manage people in a team, and that requires a different set of skills and capabilities than the ones needed for a sound designer…. The feeling of fear is strongly influenced by the culture, the same for comedies and humour. Sometimes it scares Japanese people but not foreigners, and vice versa. From this point of view, it seems Silent Hill differs itself from other popular horror games. And I feel this is really a unique genre in horror. Even though it was not meant to be popularized horror, it came to become popular because of its strong sense of uniqueness.
Akira Yamaoka (Former music composer/producer for the Silent Hill series)
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I was designed like this, because you people are more comfortable interacting with your own kind.

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