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"Will you accept this fake ID and become my husband?"


A hunter’s proposal. Cas thinks it’s very romantic and says yes of course.

Happy 6 year anniversary Dean and Cas! ♥

(I might put some more work into it because of the style inconsistencies.)

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My domestic otp, inspired by the lovely pygamlionesque.

~Dean and Cas are newlyweds living in a small apartment together with their feral-turned-domestic cat, Bob. Getting all of the household chores done takes a lot of work from both of them, but they still make sure to have free time to unwind. Dean likes taking Cas on surprise burger runs, and Cas likes keeping the romance alive by taking Dean to fancy restaurants for all sorts of little anniversaries that only Cas would remember. Don’t be fooled by their wedding photo of Dean’s side of the family, they’re a ridiculously happy couple, it’s just that Uncle Bobby had a little too much to drink that day.~

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Endless Gifs of Dean Being Pretty 18-21/?

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Gabriel + pansexual flag colors

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a sweet little dean i sketched for the lovely sweeps today uwu

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