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The Cabin in the Woods

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So… what’s new? Yeah. not much by me either.

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Ballerino!Dean, Artist!Cas (very loosely inspired by this)

Castiel loves watching Dean dance. He loves watching Dean come into the studio, dressed in ripped jeans and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, clunking into the changing rooms with his heavy boots and ballet bag. He loves watching Dean emerge, graceful as he pads across the dance floor. His feet are bare and his black leggings stick to his thighs, while the white t-shirt he uses for training falls just below to perfect swell of his ass. His pointe shoes are a pale pink and hang lazily from two hooked fingers.

Castiel loves watching Dean stretch. He stretches his legs and arms and opens his hips slowly, and though it’s not meant to be torturous, the ripple of muscle is teasing at best. It’s odd to see a male ballet dancer more bulky than lean, but Dean’s physique makes his dancing even more beautiful. He moves effortlessly, easily controlling his form as he spins and jumps. He only ever wears light pink pointes when he has the choice, and though the rumour is that this is so because his mother gave him hers on her deathbed, Castiel does not know if it’s true.

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

He and Dean don’t talk very much.

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❤? maybe

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same in perpetuity

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Almost Human gag reel

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@ianmckellen: I accept + ,& challenge Laura Linney, Derek Jacobi, Anthony Hopkins!  (x)

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@LaurenTom9000: Here’s my adorable(but crazy makes-no-sense costume-wearing) son @OsricChau w/ his 2 moms. We’re the same height!#spn

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2014 Vancon cruise [x]

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